Give to Girls & Women

DFN encourages creative giving solutions to fund initiatives to benefit the Dalits of India. We are happy to assist you in finding the best financial partnership arrangement for you and/or your organization.

Please contact us at if you’d like to speak with a representative or if you have questions about any of our giving initiatives.

 Give for Girls’ & Womens’ Initiatives


Girls’ Rescue Shelter


Currently, 41 girls at the highest risk for human trafficking live in a safe and home-like environment. With loving staff and a quality education at a Good Shepherd School, these girls come to understand their worth. The girls, daughters or granddaughters of devadasis or joginis (temple prostitutes), are learning to hope and dreaming of a bright future while learning skills and tools that will carry them into their communications as catalysts for transformation. We desperately need more space because the need is so great. Please help free a girl with your generous gift of any amount.

To give, write “girls’ shelter” in the comments field of our “give” page.

 Tarika Women’s Center: Bangalore


Since 2010, the Tarika Women’s Center assists women at-risk for human trafficking and rescues women who have been trafficked. Tarika means “star,” and the Center helps women know they can attain their dreams by offering shelter, counseling services, and vocational training for survivors, as well as training and awareness-raising initiatives to combat human trafficking. Any amount is appreciated.

To give, write “Tarika” in the comments field of our “give” page.

Beauty Salon Supplies for a Dalit Woman

Dalits are not welcome in most upper caste beauty salons because of the stigma of “untouchability.” DFN’s partners train Dalit women in beauty treatments and hair care. After training, the women receive a set of supplies to start their own home-based salon that can generate income and meet a need in the community. It takes only $30 to offer one woman this economic opportunity.

To give, write “salon supplies” in the comments field of our “give” page.

Sewing Machine, Table, and Chair for a Dalit Woman

Tailoring 333

A simple sewing machine, table, and chair can change the life of a Dalit woman and her entire family. Our Indian partners will place your gift in one of our tailoring training centers, or they will make the equipment available at a greatly discounted rate to graduates who will gradually pay for it over time. A $160 gift enables one woman to start her own tailoring business. Over time, as she pays back the cost, it goes into a revolving fund so other women may receive a similar opportunity. $160 fully funds the equipment, but any amount is appreciated.

To give, write “sewing machine” in the comments field of our “give” page.

 Tools and Supplies to Accompany a Sewing Machine for a Dalit Woman

This kit includes the basic tailoring tools and cloth for one woman in a tailoring center, enabling her to begin learning her new trade and practicing it immediately. It costs $55 to purchase one kit, but any amount is appreciated.

To give, write “sewing tools and supplies” in the comments field of our “give” page.

 Enable a Woman to Attend a Women’s Empowerment Conference


With your gift, one woman will receive practical training in basic health/hygiene practices, learn valuable truths about her personal worth and discover opportunities for further economic development programs and vocational training. It only takes $65 to sponsor one woman to attend.

To give, write “Women’s Empowerment” in the comments field of our “give” page.

 Fully Support a Women’s Empowerment Conference

Provide encouragement and valuable training to 100 Dalit women who will be taught their value as human beings and gain crucial health, hygiene, and economic training while enjoying a unique opportunity to be nurtured and to network with other women. It costs $6,250 to fully fund a conference.

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