In the Media

The Dalit Cause in the Media

The Dalits’ quest for freedom is gaining traction with national and international media outlets. Articles and opinions of interest will be posted here, with the most recent listed first. For inquiries, please contact

December 1, 2016: Dr. Joseph D’souza, President of Dalit Freedom Network, appeared on CBN’s “The 700 Club”. “Aiding the Indian Dalits”

December 2, 2016: Dr. D’souza interviewed on CBN. “Reaching the Untouchables of India”

November 30, 2016: Christian Today (Joseph D’souza cited in article)
“Christians in India: Are believers safer under Modi’s government or facing increased persecution?”
November 14, 2016 (published October 12): The New York Times (Aatish Sateer)
“India’s Eternal Inequality”
October 13, 2016: The Blaze (Joseph D’souza)
“It’s Time for Evangelicals to Return to Orthodoxy”
September 23, 2016: Christian Today (Joseph D’souza)
“India Is Quietly Shining a Light on the Refugee Crisis”
September 14, 2016: The Blaze (Joseph D’souza)
“Mother Theresa: The Imperfect Saint”
September 12, 2016: Christian Today (Joseph D’souza)
“Tipping Point of India’s Caste System Fast Approaching” 
September 4, 2016: The Blaze (Joseph D’souza)
“India’s Prime Minister Vows to Upend Centuries-Old ‘Poisonous’ Caste System”
August 31, 2016: The Blaze (Joseph D’souza)
“The Cry of India’s Daughters” 
August 22, 2016: Christian Today (Joseph D’souza)
“If India’s Prime Minister Modi wants economic reform, he must first address the Dalit plight”
August 15, 2016: Opinion by DFN’s International President, Dr. Joseph D’souza
“It’s Time for India’s Untouchables to Live Free”