Behind the Scenes: Just One More

Watch Me Run

After he delivered his line I called out, “Surya, you nailed it!”
He answered with a shy smile that said, “Thanks,” and “I thought so, too.”


Our production team and Surya

On a recent visit to India, our communications team asked the principal at Surya’s school to find just the right boy with just the right story to tell. After just a few minutes of getting to know Surya, there was no doubt that his story was the one we wanted to share with you.

Like most of the children in our schools, Surya started the race called life in last place. Because of his place at the bottom of the caste system, he was destined for a life of hardship and poverty, without hope for his future.

But Surya is determined. He studies. He dreams. And he runs his race with courage, believing he will break the chains of a system designed to keep him trapped and enslaved for life.

That’s what child sponsorship does. Sponsorship gives Surya a chance to run his race with confidence, to get the education he needs to open doors of opportunity in the academically challenging and soul-nurturing environment all children deserve.

That’s why we chose him to represent the thousands of kids who are still waiting for sponsors. That’s also why this Spring we’re asking every member of our DFN network to embark on a campaign to sponsor  “Just One More”.

Surya preparing to run

Surya preparing to run

Because if each of us can see the possibilities in just one more child, just one more opportunity to make a difference, just one more life transformed through child sponsorship, soon “just one more” multiplies! Thousands of children can have their lives changed forever through a simple act of generosity and compassion today. It only takes people responding to this urgent need, and eagerly committing with hand raised high, “Yes, I’ll sponsor just one more today and change a life forever.”

Will you sponsor Just One More today for just $33/month? Your sponsorship is the difference between a future of hardship and a future of opportunity. You’ll find more information on changing the trajectory of a child’s life on our child sponsorship page, or you can email our child sponsorship team at

Or you can just jump in with both feet and sponsor right now.

Take action today.  Help just one more Surya run the race God has set before him.


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