Other Ways to Free A Child

DFN encourages creative giving solutions to fund initiatives to benefit the Dalits of India. We are happy to assist you in finding the best financial partnership arrangement for you and/or your organization.

Please contact us at info@dalitnetwork.org if you’d like to speak with a representative or if you have questions about any of our giving initiatives.

Scholarship A Dalit Child


Dalit children are at a high risk of being trafficked into slavery, bonded labor, and domestic servitude. You can prevent this by providing a child with a high quality English-medium education at one of our Good Shepherd Schools. Your gift covers books, supplies, curriculum, materials, staffing, and nutrition supplements where needed. What’s more, the school helps keep them safe and healthy. Each month of education costs just $30. ($33 beginning April 1, 2017)

Scholarship a Child Now

Click here if you are interested in traditional one-to-one child sponsorship at $30 per month.

(As of April 1, 2017, the rate is $33 for new sponsorships.)

Provide a Uniform for a Student

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For children who have very little, a new uniform is often just what they need to make them feel like students. Each uniform includes a dress (or shirt/pants), belt, and a tie. A bonus is that all Good Shepherd School uniforms are made by women in our tailoring centers, so you not only help students, you help women create economic opportunity for their families. It’s a win-win. Each uniform is $25.

Purchase a Uniform Now

 Provide a Vaccination for a Child


Dalit children often suffer from serious, preventable diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, or cholera, because they do not receive proper immunizations. You can ensure a Dalit child can receive the vaccinations they need to enroll in school for only $10.

Provide Vaccinations Now

 Provide Nutritional Supplements for a Child


More than half of Dalit children in India are undernourished, and one of the goals of our Good Shepherd Schools is to provide resources for students to be healthy. A way you can help a student achieve optimal health for growth and development is to provide a source of protein through eggs, milk, and other healthy foods. Each nutrition supplement is $5.

Provide Nutrition Now

 Sponsor a Teacher in a Good Shepherd School

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All teachers in our GSSs are trained with Indian government standards and have at least four years of prior experience working among the Dalit people. Teachers also participate in continuing education and enrichment courses. You can invest in an teacher in a Good Shepherd School by helping to provide for his or her needs. $100. 

Sponsor a Teacher Now

 Purchase a Computer Station for a Good Shepherd School

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One computer station in a GSS can greatly increase efficiency as the teachers and staff perform tasks such as tracking enrollment and developing innovative curriculum. A computer also opens the door to new learning methods and technological skills for children. A complete computer station includes a desktop computer, hardware, software, desk, and chair. $2,000 purchases a complete computer station. 

Purchase a Computer Station Now

There are numerous other ways organizations can support Dalit children. For information please contact info@dalitnetwork.org.