Home is Where Hope Grows

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Home conjures warm feelings for many of us. It’s where we share meals, laughter, and love. It’s where we feel safe. It’s where dreams begin and hopes are nurtured. That’s the way it should be, right?

Unfortunately, homes aren’t always the warm places we want them to be. This is definitely true for the 56 girls in DFN’s Pratigya shelter. Born poor and vulnerable to ritualized sex trafficking, their village homes were not safe places to grow up. Not places where dreams take root. Not places where hope grows.


But our Pratigya Shelter is helping change their stories. Pratigya means “promise,” and these young women are full of promise. They have big dreams for their future, and we believe they can do it!

The shelter has been in rented facilities for several years, but a permanent home will be completed soon. It will have space for  100 girls, and will also house 50 women who need a safe place to heal, to learn a trade, and to believe they have dignity as a human being. Pratigya truly is “home” as home should be.


Construction is going well. We hope and expect the shelter to be ready for women and children by JANUARY 2020. Here’s what we’ve done in just SIX months:

September, 2018: Excavation began
October, 2018: Steel and foundation work
November, 2018: Concrete structural columns poured
December, 2018: Concrete curing and soil compaction
January, 2019: Ground floor columns completed
February, 2019: Slab for ground and first floors

Want to contribute to this life-changing home? GREAT!  Here’s how your help is needed:

  1. Pray construction continues without delay.
  2. Pray for additional funding to complete the project.
  3. Contribute financially towards our goal of raising $250,000 in 2019!  This is a big goal but we believe our DFN USA network can help us reach this goal.

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