Pray For Persecuted Christians In India

For many living in America, it is often taken for granted that the country was established on the grounds of religious freedom. The Founding Fathers ensured that all individuals have the right to choose their belief system and practice these beliefs, as long as no harm comes to others because of it.

Unfortunately, to this day, there are many countries around the world that discourage this type of freedom. In many of these countries, Christian beliefs and practices are even condemned through acts of assault and physical threats.

However, this doesn’t stop believers from continuing the great work to share God’s word with others.

According to the All India Christian Council (AICC), who recently released a new report about the Atrocities against Christians in India, 2018 had the highest number of attacks on Indian churches in history. Sadly, this number has been increasing over the last few years.

Pastors and Christian families are being harassed, beaten, and persecuted.

But faith lives on.

Members of AICC are helping those being persecuted. For example, seminars are being held to help pastors and church leaders learn about India’s laws and legal system to help them file police complaints and begin legal procedures.

At DFN, while we are aware of these atrocities and the risks taken by doing the work we do, we continue on.

And in spite of these challenges, we praise God for allowing us to continue our work to help the most vulnerable in India — children and women.

We are thankful to you too.

Without your faithful and compassionate support, we wouldn’t be able to help provide hope, transformation, and a brighter future to those who are exploited and marginalized.

Thank you for joining us in this challenging, but rewarding work. We ask you to join us in continued prayer for all those who are taking risks every day to practice and share their Christian faith, amidst the danger it poses. Please pray that our staff and those being helped are protected from any harm that could potentially come their way, as a result of this persecution.

Thank you for all that you do.

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