Strength Despite Suffering

Good Shepherd Schools helped these three brothers
when their world fell apart.

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Sandeep is only 10 years old, but he is already a man.

A few weeks ago, their father set himself on fire in an alcoholic rage after the boys mother, herself suffering from depression, told him the family would be better off without him. Tragically, the father died.

Now the boys’ mother is so racked with guilt she is unable to care for his family, so the task falls mainly to Sandeep. He makes sure his brothers eat, go to school, and do their homework. He also comforts his mother in her grief, assuring her she is loved.

These are big responsibilities for a small boy. But Sandeep is not alone. Because he and his brothers attend a Good Shepherd School, he has a worldwide team behind him. Teachers and staff at his school are providing the immediate and tangible help these precious boys need. Sandeep and his brothers are supported, encouraged, assisted, and loved. Teachers make sure the boys have enough food to eat and act as surrogate parents.

Even in the midst of tragedy, these boys are responding with strength despite their suffering. We are grateful for the loving care this school is showing these boys. And we are grateful for supporters who make it all possible.

Sandeep and his family, along with thousands of children all over India, need your help to thrive. Please consider a gift today. You can come alongside a child in need and change their world forever!

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