Who DFN Serves

The history of marginalized people can be symbolized by a clay cup.

It is common in rural villages for drinks to be served in a clay cup. Those in marginalized groups are sometimes required to crush their cup on the ground after they use it, ensuring others from being “polluted” by drinking from the same cup in the future.

Due to their low position in society, marginalized people are often used without consequence. They are raped, held captive in brothels and temple ceremonies, and forced to work as bonded laborers. They are usually without education, without economic opportunities, without healthcare, without hope for their future.

It has been this way for 3,000 years. Marginalized groups are often considered less than human. Worthy only to be slaves, to be broken and crushed.

Today, a new generation of people is standing up for their rights. For education, for health, for economic opportunity. We are committed to standing alongside them.